Five 9 Sports Management
Five 9 Sports Management

Linnéa Lindmark

Founder & Agent 

Licenced by the Swedish FA

Hi! I´m Linnéa and

I started Five 9 in August 2018. 

It started as a college agency, which has since moved to Mind Game Sport (click on the logo below to get to their homepage).

Today we work with pros and future pros.

Many of our Five 9ers have national team experience, but it´s not a requirement. We look for players who want to go further/forward/higher. Who don´t just wanna see how far they can go, but will do everything in their power to get there. 

Read more about what we look for HERE.

Mind Game Sport Management
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Who am I?

A small-town girl from Leksand, Sweden, who´s been dreaming about college since the first time I saw "Bend it Like Beckham" as a 10-year old. Nine years later my dream came true, when I moved to Florida to play soccer and study business. I dreamed about playing professional too, but instead I became an agent at 25.

When I´m not working I´m probably watching soccer anyway. Or working out. Or planning my next trip.

Besides college soccer I have also played for Kvarnsvedens IK, Linköpings FC, and futsal for Industrias Santa Coloma (Barcelona). Currently playing futsal for Rågsveds IF (Swedish top league).


What does Five 9 do?

Help players with their careers! With all that comes with it. A few examples:

- Contract negotiations

- CV & video highlights

- Career planning

- Bureacracy

- Support & advising


Why did I start Five 9?

Because all the agencies I knew about were founded by men/guys.

Nah, not only because of that. I worked at Athletes USA´s headquarters in Florida after my graduation and represented soccer players, cyclists and everything in between. Loved it from the very start and knew right away that sports management was my thing.

After two years I felt like I had the network and knowledge necessary to do this by myself. So I quit my job, started my own company and got my agent´s license.  And now I´m sitting here in my home office in Stockholm and almost think I´m dreaming for being able to work with the best sport in the world.

What does Five 9 stand for?

You know "9 to 5"? The typical job where you basically just show up to get paid. Where you live for the weekend and can´t wait for vacation?

Five 9 is the opposite.

Five 9 is doing what you love and following your dreams. 

​ 99.999% is the purest existing form of gold, also known as "five nine". That´s where the golden logo comes from, which represents the highest possible standard, and genuineness. ​


Say five in Swedish (fem) and it sounds like the French word "femme". Or write it together with the 9 and it becomes "feminine". Can you guess where this is going?

Five 9 wants to, in every possible way, contribute to a world where boys and girls dare to have the same big dreams. And where they have the same chance to make them come true. ​


Five was my jersey number in college. 9 is all-time favorite number.


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