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Linnéa Lindmark


Hi! My name is Linnéa and I started Five 9 in August 2018. If you´re looking for the smallest possible agency with the best players, you´re probably at the right one!

Many of our Five 9ers have national team experience, however it´s not a requirement. We look for players who aim higher and further. Who not only want to see how far they can go, but will do everything in their power to get there.

Scroll down to read more about Five 9, what it stands for, and check out how my college experience was (straight from my iphone camera album). Do you have any questions? Curious about what it´s like playing college soccer? Whatever it is, I´d love to hear from you!

Who am I?

A small-town girl from Leksand, Sweden, who´s been dreaming about college since the first time I saw "Bend it Like Beckham" as a 10-year old. Nine years later my dream came true, when I moved to Florida to play soccer and study business. 

At the moment I´m back in Sweden but travelling over to the States as often as I can. When I´m not working I´m probably watching soccer anyway. Or working out. Or planning my next trip.

Besides college soccer I have also played for Kvarnsvedens IK, Linköpings FC, and futsal for Industrias Santa Coloma (Barcelona). 

Why did I start Five 9?

Because all the agencies I knew about were founded by men/guys.

Nah, of course not only because of that. I worked at Athletes USA´s headquarters in Florida after my graduation and represented soccer players, cyclists and everything in between. Loved it from the very start and knew right away that sports management was my thing.

After two years I felt like I had the network and knowledge necessary to do this by myself. So I decided to fully focus on soccer, and do everything my own way. Offer a super-personalized service and only work with a few players at a time, as well as working more actively with something that I´m extremely passionate about - equality within the soccer world. 

What does Five 9 stand for?

You know "9 to 5"? The typical job where you basically just show up to get paid. Where you live for the weekend and can´t wait for vacation?

Five 9 is the opposite.

Five 9 is doing what you love and following your dreams. We mix work and freetime, business & personal - because life is better that way.

​ 99.999% is the purest existing form of gold, also known as "five nine". That´s where the golden logo comes from, which represents the highest possible standard, and genuineness. ​


Say five in Swedish (fem) and it sounds like the French word "femme". Or write it together with the 9 and it becomes "feminine". Can you guess where this is going?

Five 9 wants to, in every possible way, contribute to a world where boys and girls dare to have the same big dreams. And where they have the same chance to make them come true. ​


Five was my jersey number in college. 9 is all-time favorite number.

Keep scrolling down and you´ll get a (tiny) look into what college was like for me. If I have to put it all into one sentence:

I woke up everyday thinking "there´s nowhere else in the world I would rather be". 

I wish it was possible to play longer than four years! 

What does Five 9 do?

Help you over to the U.S!

If you decide to work with us, we´´ll fix:

- video highlights

- contact with teams

- negotiation

- all sorts of advice, counseling and support that you will need!

We prefer to start working with you as early as possible, to help you with your soccer career :)


West Palm Beach

The temperature in South Florida shifts between 25-30 degrees Celsius pretty much all year around.

Here at the beach we usually had beach workouts with our trainer. Also must admit we got a few tanning hours in, especially in off-season.

That´s the name of the city where I played and lived in and on the picture you see the most famous beach - Palm Beach. West Palm Beach is located about 1,5 hours north of Miami and has about 100,000 inhabitants.


the team

I played for Keiser University in NAIA. Here´s a pic from when we won our conference, The Sun Conference, which we managed to do all my four years. 

We had players from USA, Canada, England, Sweden and Denmark to name a few.

The soccer

The Best Thing About College

Playing college soccer is definitely something else than playing in Sweden. The season is more intense (2-3 games a week!), everything is more professional and even injuries heal faster (because of constant access to treatment/trainers/doctors etc). Many schools have facilities and resources that Swedish top clubs would kill for. 

But the best of all is that the season is like a big tournament, where every game and every goal counts. The big goal is "Nationals" - where the best teams in the nation compete in the final tournament. In that way the college season is more similar to Swedish Ice-Hockey than how the soccer season is played. You also play golden goal in the event of an equal score after 90 minutes!



The Best Thing About College

Another best thing about college, according to me, is that you get another family. A family with a bunch of different nationalities, personlities, and cultures. You play/practice/study/travel/live together and get so incredibly close to your teammates. It´s team spirit on a whole other level. Home is where your team is!

College Life


This is what it looked like where I stayed, together with three of my teammates. We didin´t only have a pool, but also a hottub, gym and tennis courts. Of course it was stressful at times, with school and 110 percent focus on soccer , but it still almost felt like being on vacation for four years - with your best friends.

Business Bachelor


In May 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor´s Degree in International Business, after 4 years of studying and playing soccer (I´m the one who´s barefoot to the right in the picture). I graduated with a 3.9 out of 4.0 and got a bunch of really nice awards, such as "All-American" both on the field and in the classroom. The Americans are pretty good at keeping you motivated with different awards - there´s always something to aim for beyond winning games, whether it´s Player of the Week or All-Star Team. 

Working Visa

after college

When my game free Sundays looked liked this - do you think I wanted to go back to the cold in Sweden?

Right before my graduation I was offered a job at the recruiting agency Athletes USA, and happily said yes to a fifth year in the States.



After working with all college sports at AUSA I decided to focus on the sport that I both know best and love the most - soccer. I also wanted to direct my focus towards the Scandinavian market. That resulted in the start of Five 9 and I´m about as happy about that as Madde (pictured) was when she won Nationals!


I want every Scandinavian player to know about college when they start high school. Today there are very few Scandinavians in the top college teams. Not because they´re not good enough, but because they start their process way too late. The top teams are often done 1-3 years ahead of time, when most Scandinavians haven´t even heard about the SAT test.

Another goal with Five 9 is to change the (soccer)world for the better - in every way possible! My main life goal is to see women´s soccer finally receive the respect and resources that it deserves. One of the ways I´m doing that right now is by supporting the incredible organisation Futebol da Forca. One percent of Five 9´s profits go directly to them, and you can read about their work here. Do you have ideas on other projects? Let me know!


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College fotboll


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